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Christopher Thissen

557 days ago
Logan P Jane-hackthepaygap
Tj P Room Barcelona
  • Nirmal Bhagabati, UX
Dan M
  • Norton Francis
John T
  • John Tate - I/O - Data
  • Grant Nelson - I/O 
  • Michael Gasparovic - Student/Full Stack
  • Brian Carothers - I/O - Data
  • Joseph Nelsob - I/O - Predictive Analytics
Christopher T
  • Chris Thissen - I/O - Data, visualization
Logan P IDEAS:
Could be a take on strawman or a different direction all together
find a partner (same role: i/o, ux, mb) and a team (two other pairs of different roles) that likes the same idea 
  • Please add your ideas here and add your names to the ideas that you like

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