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Rachel Grossman

553 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Logan Powell , Rachel Grossman 553 days ago
  • Rachel Grossman (@radicallyrach) - UX - rachel.elizabeth.grossman@gmail.com (yes to hosting)
Logan P (can you guys add your email addresses?)
(can your work be hosted so we can share the app with the CTO?)
557 days ago
Microenterprise - Lucia
  • Philip Chow (@pchow101) - "Developer" (MATLAB, C++, some python, HTML/CSS/PHP) with interest in human-centered design and an engineering background
Steph L
  • Stephanie Lawrence (@sclawr) - UX designer
Nevin H
  • Nevinhouse (@nevinhouse)
Vidhika B
  • Vidhika Bansal (@vidhster) - ux/design strategy
Ryan H
  • Ryan Hillard, MB
Mariela M
Steven D
  • Zhongjian Chen - Software Architect
Jean F
  • Maher Khalil - dev
  • Neel Sanghvi - ux
  • John Capalbo - ux
  • Davy Zhang -dev
Rim N
  • Rim Nour (MB)
Steven D
  • Steven Doll - Representing Empowered Women International, a local training nonprofit for women's microenterprise
Rim N
  • Evette Banfield, MB
Mariela M
  • Bill Huckabee - Developer / UX
  • Alexis Findiesen - Developer (1/2 day only)
  • Please add your ideas here and add your names to the ideas that you like
Nevin H
  • Recommendation system using Azure Recommendation API
Philip C
  • Walkthrough system for taxes/accounting, similar to how TurboTax and tax filing systems work (not the most original idea, but could target specifically at microbusinesses)
Steph L
  • A web app where business owners can keep track of financial info, create user accounts for different functions (accounting, data entry, etc.), and have a dashboard that lets them get a quick view of their financials and reminders for any financial tasks (taxes, etc.). 
Michelle A
  • simple webapp to manage and schedule reminders through email or text -- for a nudge to pay bills or other .
Nevin H
  • Azure Microsoft Flow to enhance daily | weekly | monthly workflow at the growing firm
Alexis F
  • Building in existing resources to a system/platform, adding in an extra layer of real people to talk to
  • Types of things to include:
  • Meetups, Associations (community)
  • Accounting Tools, etc (tools)
  • Legal info (resources)
  • Model it like a consumer reports guide, with the "best" options and tools
Useful websites/Resources for Business Setup Guides:
Resources for accounting or payroll:
https://www.yelp.com/developers/documentation/v2/overview -- yelp for business help: associations and bookkeepers and lawyers
https://developer.intuit.com/docs/0050_quickbooks_api -- integrate your quickbooks account into another tool
Steven D Based on my experience, these entrepreneurs are most short on time and attention. Signing up on and learning a new "system" or app is perceived as a huge barrier. Even finding out that the app exists is a barrier. So the solution probably needs to offer something utterly essential to spur adoption.

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