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Michelle Atkinson

557 days ago
Sam - Reentry
Dan M Room C
Eric K
  • Paul N. (Cyvil) - IO
Jean F
  • Jean F.
Tommy O
  • Mike Bell (@mike_bell_dc) - Dev - all the things
Scott R
  • Scott Ruona (@scottruona) - ~dev
Dan M
  • Nicolas Sam / IO
  • jesse allers hatlie / full stack
  • kate mereand dslbd
Tj P
  • TJ Peeler, @tjpeelster, UX
Michelle A
  • Michelle Atkinson, IO / Data 
Matthew H
  • Hauler (@dcatraveler) - UX (kind of)
Dan M
  • Dan Morrison - UX
Eric K
  • Eric K. (Cyvil) @CyvilDC - MB
Scott R
  • Elyse Higley - data
Dan M
  • bipin neupane i/o
  • Andrew Smith-Mui i/o
Room E
Room F
Eric K Here are some examples of resources that the city makes available for small businesses that are looking to enter the DC market. These are not tailor-made for Sam, but they are useful touchstones for understanding how much ground he would have to cover between the kind of help he can already find online, vs what he ultimately needs:
  • Please add your ideas here and add your names to the ideas that you like
Michelle A Mentor Match
557 days ago
Microenterprise - Lucia
  • Philip Chow (@pchow101) - "Developer" (MATLAB, C++, some python, HTML/CSS/PHP) with interest in human-centered design and an engineering background
Steph L
  • Stephanie Lawrence (@sclawr) - UX designer
Nevin H
  • Nevinhouse (@nevinhouse)
Vidhika B
  • Vidhika Bansal (@vidhster) - ux/design strategy
Ryan H
  • Ryan Hillard, MB
Mariela M
Steven D
  • Zhongjian Chen - Software Architect
Jean F
  • Maher Khalil - dev
  • Neel Sanghvi - ux
  • John Capalbo - ux
  • Davy Zhang -dev
Rim N
  • Rim Nour (MB)
Steven D
  • Steven Doll - Representing Empowered Women International, a local training nonprofit for women's microenterprise
Rim N
  • Evette Banfield, MB
Mariela M
  • Bill Huckabee - Developer / UX
  • Alexis Findiesen - Developer (1/2 day only)
  • Please add your ideas here and add your names to the ideas that you like
Nevin H
  • Recommendation system using Azure Recommendation API
Philip C
  • Walkthrough system for taxes/accounting, similar to how TurboTax and tax filing systems work (not the most original idea, but could target specifically at microbusinesses)
Steph L
  • A web app where business owners can keep track of financial info, create user accounts for different functions (accounting, data entry, etc.), and have a dashboard that lets them get a quick view of their financials and reminders for any financial tasks (taxes, etc.). 
Michelle A
  • simple webapp to manage and schedule reminders through email or text -- for a nudge to pay bills or other .
Nevin H
  • Azure Microsoft Flow to enhance daily | weekly | monthly workflow at the growing firm
Alexis F
  • Building in existing resources to a system/platform, adding in an extra layer of real people to talk to
  • Types of things to include:
  • Meetups, Associations (community)
  • Accounting Tools, etc (tools)
  • Legal info (resources)
  • Model it like a consumer reports guide, with the "best" options and tools
Useful websites/Resources for Business Setup Guides:
Resources for accounting or payroll:
https://www.yelp.com/developers/documentation/v2/overview -- yelp for business help: associations and bookkeepers and lawyers
https://developer.intuit.com/docs/0050_quickbooks_api -- integrate your quickbooks account into another tool
Steven D Based on my experience, these entrepreneurs are most short on time and attention. Signing up on and learning a new "system" or app is perceived as a huge barrier. Even finding out that the app exists is a barrier. So the solution probably needs to offer something utterly essential to spur adoption.

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