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Scott Beliveau

557 days ago
Breakfast and other refreshments provided by: Squires Group
Chris M Lunch provided by Socrata
  • code4novabrigade.tumblr.com
Scott B Network info
Chris H
  • Network: PTOCode
  • Password: PTOCode123
Chris M Technical Assistance
  • After probably 1PM, I'll need to leave to go attend a wedding, but you can find live support via our IRC channel all day
Data Sets (NOTE to participants - feel free to add your discovered/working on open data set links here too):
Open Data Search
Check out the Open Data Network to search the Socrata network of open data catalogs.
  • Public Innovation Information Discovery Challenge
Chris H
  • Social Media:
  • Post-Event Information/Opportunities:
  • Social Media:
  • Post-Event Information/Opportunities:
  • Squires Group Challenge
  • Point of Contact:  Randy Hill
  • Call to Action: Using boolean searches, a website that allows a tech recruiter to search against specific skills (Java, JavaScript) and then crawl the web to find people looking for jobs with these specific skills.
  • Background/Details: It has been difficult for recruiters and job seekers to connect on available jobs that require very specific skills. To help connect job seeker with recruiters and job opportunities, there is a need for a website that allows recruiters to easily identify candidate with the exact skills they need, and for job seekers to identify jobs that would be a good fit for their skillset.
  • Data & Other resources:
  • Social Media:
  • Post-Event Information/Opportunities:
Joshua T
  • Rural Resiliency Initiative (tentative)
  • Call to Action: Devise and develop an open source, easy to distribute, easy to install, easy to serve framework that encourages the estabalishment of the kind of opportunities that surround us in the greater DMV area but are almost unknown to rural communities and their kids.
  • Background/Details: Having come from backwater Oxford County, Maine, I myself had no idea that such places as the NSF and Patent Office, Census and other civic agencies existed or were, at the very leasy, achievable from literally 600 miles away.  Further, rural  areas are experiencing a great deal of economic anemia, and could just a psychological boost in confidence and self-actualization that might be forthcoming from being able to run such frameworks as might be born from this idea.
  • Data & Other Resources: Census data may be valuable at several stages of this project... but FIRST to help identify areas in definite need
  • Post-Event Information/Opportunites: At this time, this is just an idea and not officially backed by any particular organization or any immediate rewards.  However, any success from this may well lead to an improved ecomomy, national spirit, and a surge in new talent available to civic/government organizations as well as business interests.
  • Possible Achievables:
  • Detail Specs on Possible Framework
  • Develop USA Map of Target Areas (from CENSUS data)
  • Invent Ham-radio based node-crypted internet? (one can dream)
Randy R
  • Arlington/Alexandria community profiles
  • Call to Action: Develop interactive 
  •  of community well-being in Arlington and Alexandria neighborhoods. 
  • Background/Details: Combine key indicators from ACS/CitySDK, NCES schools data, newly available Arlington open data portal, Alexandria/Arlington GIS layers and geographic boundaries. Use these to drive interactive profiles of key indicators of well-being for neighborhoods (census tracts, zip codes, civic association boundaries, county totals).
  • Tasks:
  • Data modeling (ERD)
  • Data processing (R or Python)
  • Database building and loading (MySQL, PostGreSQL, PostGIS?)
  • Data visualization--web app, interactive profiles built in D3, High Charts, or other JS library
  • Resources:
MK36787 Project Name: PTAB PDF Scraping
Location: back table near the room divider
Team members: Michelle (@michellekoeth) 
Social Media: #ScrapePTABPDF
  • Pivot: Focus will now be on capturing the final claim status (i.e. 1-18 affirmed etc - the text follows the "DECISION" header in the PTAB docs).
Neal G AwesomeMap Group
Sherry W Location:Near
Neal G Team: Neal, Kyle
557 days ago
Opportunity Track: hackthepaygap
Necessity Track: reentry
Necessity Track: refugeecrisis
Necessity Track: microenterprise
  • Year = 2
  • Stage: Company establishment
Ethan C
  • Ethan Chumley is onsite for support. Please see Ethan if you have any questions or need an Azure Pass (free $)
  • Matthew Hauler is onsite for support

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