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Joshua Eric Turcotte

557 days ago
  • Call to Action: Develop interactive profiles of community well-being in Arlington and Alexandria neighborhoods. 
  • Crystal
  • Accomplished:
  • Geocoded Virginia schools data from NCES CCD to map schools to block groups and census tracts (in Python, using FCC Census Block Conversion API)
  • Aggregated data on free and reduced-price lunch eligibility by block group, census tract, county, and state for Virginia (in R and Python--cross-checked answers as quality check)
  • Next steps:
  • Process ACS and population estimates data for Arlington and Alexandria to add demographic indicators to collection of data on Arlington and Alexandria communities
  • Load into PostgreSQL database
  • Develop prototype community profiles interactive tool using D3
  • Add maps in Leaflet.js
Resources: USPTO CPC classification page: http://www.uspto.gov/web/patents/classification/cpc.html
Neal G The data dictionary/table name descriptions from patentsview.org could use some clarification. With an update on the data dictionary, it would be possible to generate the back-end data required by the leaflet visualization front end we produced.
The front end layout (using mock data) is shown below:
Team: Sherry, Dustin
Social Media: #RuralResiliency
Joshua T Day's Efforts: 
  • Several networking conversations with a census representative regarding data and outreach methodologies
  • Identified a number of indicators from a few conciliatory sources regarding business indicators, job availability, demand v. supply mismatches, cost of living indexes, unemployment and underemployment, commute times, et cetera
  • Identified basic quality of life needs that can be intercommunicated within any given node-based community that may encourage community members to support one another in a way that bolsters the optimism within said community, especially in times of economy anemia such as today.
  • Still plenty more to do; today mostly resulting in some exploration and direction rather than a demonstrable product.
Team: James, Christian, Bob
Github (node.js + request + mongoDB + express): https://github.com/mooniker/timeliness
James M We worked on a tool to assess how timely the new Metro Way bus rapid transit service by comparing WMATA's "Next Bus" arrival times with WMATA's schedule for the buses. The major bottleneck with data collection via WMATA's API is the rate limit (10 calls/second), which means we can only query 10 bus stops (for arrival times) per second. Our strategy was to limit our calls to 2~3 per second but to poll constantly. Then we compare the arrival times with the scheduled arrival times (also pulled from the API).
Chris H Resources:
James M Next Steps:
Chris H Idea-NoVA
Call To Action: Build an application meant to help gather ideas for possible future projects for Code for NoVA.
  • Set up basic template
  • Set up ORM to build the idea database
  • Set up login function (form, validation, style)
  • Started Add idea form, and validation and style.
557 days ago
Opportunity Track: hackthepaygap
Necessity Track: reentry
Necessity Track: refugeecrisis
Necessity Track: microenterprise
  • Year = 2
  • Stage: Company establishment
Ethan C
  • Ethan Chumley is onsite for support. Please see Ethan if you have any questions or need an Azure Pass (free $)
  • Matthew Hauler is onsite for support
921 days ago
  • code4novabrigade.tumblr.com
James Moon (mooniker@gmail.com)
Matthew Gallagher(mattva01@gmail.com)
Chris Gotcu (cgotcu@gmail.com)
Laura Wrubel (laura.wrubel@gmail.com)
Cory Kind (corykind@gmail.com)
Brett M Assemble
Brett McCully
Josh Turcotte

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