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Dennis Shah

557 days ago
Logan P Jacques - RefugeeCrisis
  • Please add your name (+ twitter handle, if)
Jared M
  • Jared Merlo (jaredmerlo@gmail.com)
Matthew D
Matt H
Joni J
Flavius M
Upma K
Keiya H
  • Keiya Hood MB @keiyahood keiya_heard@yahoo.com
Alana C
  • Alana Carmel (MB) acarmel94@gmail.com
  • Laura Yu (UX, laurayu22@gmail.com)
Jean F
  • Dennis (@astrangemenace, UX, dennis.k.shah@gmail.com)
Judy Y
  • Judy Yang (MB) judy.s.yang@gmail.com
Jacques' Needs & Challenges:
Language barriers: Google translation API
Immigration papers
Community/network (professional and cultural): wants to be connected to resources
Legal process to start a business: wants legal process explained in a simplified manner
Access to Finance: loans?
Logan P IDEAS:
Could be a take on strawman or a different direction all together
find a partner (same role: i/o, ux, mb) and a team (two other pairs of different roles) that likes the same idea 
  • Please add your ideas here and add your names to the ideas that you like

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