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Judy Yang

557 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ethan Chumley , Judy Yang 557 days ago
  • Laura Yu (UX, laurayu22@gmail.com, @lauraryu
  • Dennis (@astrangemenace, UX, dennis.k.shah@gmail.com)
  • Judy Yang (MB) @judysyang, judy.s.yang@gmail.com
Ethan C Microsoft Search OCR Details
Key: qVW7oC+L+hRi6NhinAz+dxqkWYlo1lqQf1vAabDwBsFy8nfnSSLZ0KMzlG8I4MMrUjKmJ50GsPoGg66NaHNLwg==
Fields: Id, "metadata_storage_name" as Filename (eg: resume.pdf), "content" as OCR'd text
Key: 2916D03DA6C92580723E0EFED98443C2
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