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This document is a publicly editable collection of ideas, teams, and presentations for the National Day of Civic Hacking event in Kansas City. June 1 & 2 at Union Station, free. 

Instructions: check out the ideas below under Projects Pitches. If you see something you’re passionate about, please add your name to the team. If you want to lead it, add yourself as project lead. If you have an idea for enhancing KC at the event, please add it and recruit team members. 

Not a programmer? No problem! This event is open to all backgrounds and skill sets. Talented designers, writers, authors, and community organizers are essential for good teams in addition to tech folks. 

Civic Hacks Expo

Hack KC will showcase a variety of "civic hacks" at the event. Ideas welcome.

Projects Pitches

Public participation in planning the new KCI Airport

This HackKC Project will explore the question of how to employ Broadband Access and Engagement to strengthen the extent, and usefulness, of public participation in the work of the Mayor’s Airport Advisory Committee.

Project Lead - Bill Mullins

Team Members - 

EPA’s Safe Drinking Water App Challenge

What is it? View challenge details here. Full explanation here . Full explanation here . An app to help know specifics about the quality of water by location. Scenario: learn if your water system is in violation (many are), (2) learn what health risks contamination poses, and (3) engage your local government on the issue. 

Project Lead - TBD

Why it’s important: This, for starters

How it will get built: The SDWIS data reveals violations in drinking waters systems, such as contaminant levels exceeding what is deemed safe for consumption.  It also includes the potential health effects of these contaminants, some of which carry a risk of cancer.  The data also includes the facility name, address, and contact information for public drinking water systems. I believe this data would be great for a two-day hackathon because it’s not too difficult to understand, is available via an API (XML, JSON, etc), and speaks to an issue that affects everyone – clean drinking water.

Team members: Samuel Bronson (EPA)

Skills needed: developers

Find Food for KCK

Urban Harvest

Donate to a Nonprofit

Teardown Tattler

What is it? An app to help rally the troops around demolition candidates, before it’s too late.

Project lead - Jase Wilson

Why its important: This.

How it’ll get built: Monitor the demolition permit page. When a new one appears, create a neighborland call to action. Uses the Neighborland API  to bootstrap most of the needed functions

Oauth2 php libraries:


This would be more proactive if the app monitored the KC Register of Historic Places, Property Maintenance Code violations and Dangerous Buildings cases.  To be effective at saving anything, at-risk buildings should be identified and added to the Historic Register which is difficult without the property owner’s consent.  Organizations like Historic Kansas City Foundation could create a loan fund for historic preservation and finance preservation-friendly developers - maybe with a civic crowdfunding effort.

Team: Jase Wilson, Briston Davidge, Paul Barham, David Snodgrass (?)

Skills needed: Front End / UI / UX, JS, LAMP

Neighborhood wiki page writeathon

Project Lead - 

Why its important: Neighborhoods are the building blocks of cities. When neighborhoods are well organized and are able to communicate with other neighborhoods, the whole city is stronger. Creating a central place for all the neighborhoods to record their history and current stories will help to build some of these networks. 

How it’ll get built: We’ll invite neighborhood leaders from all over. We’ll craft good prompts for each important part of a wiki page. We’ll do all the writing outside of wikiKC if we need to.

Helpful Resource: http://zetashapes.com/editor/29095

Team Members: Sailor Usher

Skills needed: 

WikiKC Write-A-Thon

Project Lead: 

Why it’s important: 

How it will get built: 

Check out the wikikc team at http://wikikc.org/Day_of_Civic_Hacking_KC_2013_Wiki We started this at the KC Startup Community meeting this morning (5/8/13).

Team members: Rick Usher, Leslie OHeill, Kathe Rusnak, Leslie Scott, Sean Kelley, Synthia Payne, Dana Gibson, Nick Budidharma, Sailor Usher, Dan Kavanaugh, James C. Rider II

Skills needed: 

PlanIT Impact

Project Lead - Dominique Davison

Why its important: Quickly tell stories about new developments. Help to make important planning decisions in your neighborhood.

How it’ll get built: The backend works already. Need to create custom stories with the data that is available. We need data viz designers.

Skills needed: 

Mobile Park Pavilion Reservation App

Project lead -

Why its important: Finding the perfect place to throw a party in the park is fun, you should be able to reserve it right when you’re there, not when you get home.

How it’ll get built: We’ll get the cities to release all their park data. We’ll build a mobile map app on top of that data. It’ll give you the form or number to call right then and there.

Team members: 

Skills needed: 

The Weekly Brief 311 App

Project Lead - Gnani Mahalingam (City coordination) & [Please include your name here]

Why its important: A clean, public facing snapshot of the cities 311 data

How it’ll get built: KCMO doesn’t have an Open311 server yet. We can fake it though. We’ve been working on a conversion tool to take in non-Open311 spec data and convert it. Then we set up an instance of the Daily Brief for KC. They only update the data portal once a week though, so ours will be the Weekly Brief.



Team members: 

Skills needed: 

Awesome Transit Apps

Project Lead - 

Why its important: Transit apps are a solved problem. Lets turn them on for KC!

How it’ll get built: The required data is on the KCATA website.

We could make: 

A text messaging app to tell you when the bus comes.

Smart Phone Apps

A map of locations of buses!!!




Transit Inequality Map - https://github.com/dangrover/sf-transit-inequality

Existing KCATA bus tracker web app: http://itsab.us/tracker/

Looks like it was made scraping info off of this site: http://www.kcata.org/maps_schedules/webwatch/

Team members: 

Skills needed: 

Adopt-a-Community Garden

Project Lead - 

Why its important: Community Gardens and urban aggriculture are awesome and need all the support they can get. We should celebrate them in KC. Lets get wiki pages about each community garden. Lets get volunteer groups to do big a maintenance at a different one each week. Let use the Adopt-a- site to create a sign up list for each garden!

How it’ll get built: https://data.kcmo.org/Food/Community-Gardens-and-Farmer-s-Markets/smcx-sth3



Garden Data - https://data.kcmo.org/Food/Kansas-City-Community-Partner-Gardens-map/372q-dcae

Team members: 

Skills needed: 

Recycling App

Project Lead - 

Why its important: You need to ask?

How it will get built: There is already a good recycling app. http://www.recyclespot.org/ - MARC has the data. Maybe we put all the data up on the KCMO data portal. Maybe we build a mobile version?

Team members:

Skills needed: 

Businesses Are Doing One Thing - Here’s The One Application You’ll Need

Project Co-Leads: Rick Usher & Gnani Mahalingam

Why its important: Why doesn’t City Hall have one application that can get me all my licenses?   We are all better off when business owners are spending thier time creating awesome customer experiences that generate revenue and not when they are spending an inordinant amount of thier time trying to comply with government licensing and registration processes. 

How it will get built:  Civic hackers in this project will scour www.kcmo.org for all applications related to opening or operating a business and organize them into a coherent business webpage.  While we’re at it, businesses need to also comply with County, State and Federal requirements, so these civic hackers will hunt those down, too.  Once this is done, we’ll break down common data elements from these applications and consolidate them into one common document. This work will undoubtedly identify redundancies and conflicts that the group may have time to resolve within the Code of Ordinances and other regulations. Start hacking the KCMO Business Licensing Matrix now. This work will help guide the City’s effort to streamline services and increase communications and data sharing between City departments. 

Team Members: Jeff Phillips

Skills needed: 


Useful Tools

Sponsors of National Day of Civic Hacking are providing a series of tools to support the creation of better, more effective projects. Check out www.hackforchange.org/tools for support and tools offered by Intel, Rally Software, Socrata and Elance.