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918 days ago
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Hello Tucson! It's time again for our annual blowout civic hacking event! This is an all-day event for you to pitch your idea to help make Tucson a better place, or help someone else make their idea a reality! 
921 days ago
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Can  you create an application leveraging the U.S. Census Bureau’s City SDK  that addresses an integrated sustainability problem in your city?  Integrated sustainability problems may include a mix of Economic,  Environmental, Social, Cultural, Housing themes.
922 days ago
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For  your community, what maps would help explain and communicate issues  facing your neighbors? What specific data can be collected, shared in  OpenStreetMap, and extracted for a dynamic growing picture? Modeling  after CoffeeDex and OpenTrails, define needed data, build a collection  interface, collect some data, and present.
923 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Michelle Hertzfeld 923 days ago
In  pre-event brainstorming, lots of people had ideas on how to address the  needs of the homeless in Tucson. Jump to the project hackpad for more  info on specifics. This project will focus on one or part of those ideas  and get started!
Lead: @elliotlledley
923 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Michelle Hertzfeld 923 days ago
LEAF   (Linking Edible Arizona Forests) is a project that allows the  community  to get involved with planting, conserving, and using edible  trees in  Arizona. LEAF on the UA Campus is with the statewide LEAF  Network. UA  LEAF focuses on harvesting and using fruit from the  University of  Arizona Campus. 

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